AppFormix Cloud Services (AFCS)



This course is designed to provide knowledge of how to monitor entities in cloud networks. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, you will gain experience in setting up and configuring AppFormix. You will also gain knowledge of the different AppFormix features, JT using native sensors, and JTI using OpenConfig and gRPC.


The primary audience for this course is operators such as network engineers, administrators, support personnel, and reseller support personnel.


The following are the prerequisites for this course:

  • Students should have TCP/IP networking knowledge.
  • Students should have working knowledge of cloud networks.


After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of AppFormix.
  • Explain the operation and use of AppFormix.
  • Explain how to setup and install AppFormix in different environments.
  • Explain the purpose and use of the different AppFormix features.
  • Understand the purpose of the Clusters feature.
  • Describe how to use the dashboard to examine the state of the network.
  • Understand the purpose and use of the Charts feature.
  • Explain the benefits of capacity planning.
  • Explain how to setup the chargeback functionality.
  • Explain how to use AppFormix charts.
  • Explain how to use AppFormix heat maps.
  • Describe the benefits of reports and service monitoring functionalities.
  • Explain the purpose and use of AppFormix alarms.
  • Explain the purpose and use of AppFormix Composite Rules.
  • Explain the purpose of JTI.
  • Discuss native JTI sensors.
  • Explain OpenConfig and gRPC sensors.
  • Describe best practices for JTI.
  • Explain how to use JTI with AppFormix.


AppFormix Overview
  • Operations Management
  • AppFormix Operation and Use Cases
  • Install and setup
AppFormix Features
  • Clusters
  • Dashboard
  • Charts
  • Heat Map
  • Capacity Planning
  • Reports
Alarms and Composite Rules
  • Alarms Overview
  • Alarms Case Study
  • Composite Rules

Lab1: Implementing AppFormix Features

Junos Telemetry Interface
  • JTI Overview
  • Native Sensors
  • OpenConfig and gRPC sensors
  • JTI and AppFormix

Lab2: Implementing JTI with AppFormix

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